About Us

The New Way to progress

Started in 1999 in Butterworth, the company secured the rights to distribute and maintain the renowned Mitsui Seiki compressor in the northern region of Malaysia. Mitsui Seiki is distinguished for its oil-free technology. With support from Mitsui Seiki that has extensive research and development in the international compressor industry, we have access to their expertise and hence well equipped to provide technical and design consultancy to the region.


Early in 2006, the company decided to transform and expand the management by bringing together professional engineers, friends and business associates to include the provision of professional engineering advisory services. We can now offer a comprehensive range of services to suit the shifting market trend in the demand for maintenance services, particularly the fast-growing oil and gas industries. The technical team is now managed by Mr. Tan Soon Tiong, an engineer in the mechanical and electrical discipline with more than 20 years of industrial experience.

Our current emphasis is to provide supply and maintenance to health care, food, electronics, oil and gas industries where oil-free compressor application is paramount to the process. A part of our strategy is to look for a smart partnership with bulk owners so that we can work as a team to become a partner in bringing out sustainable productivity and profitability.


Mitsui Seiki water lubricated compressors, have received TUV certificate for ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0, the most stringent air purity standard in the industry. For pharmaceuticals, food, beverages and electronics industries, where clean air supply is critical, the best and simple solution to avoid air contamination is to use a compressor without any oil exist inside.

Mitsui Seiki has experience with many different types of the compressors stretching back to 1934. In 1982, we launched sales of water lubricate Z screw compressor. More than 30 years, we have provided energy efficient, clean air compressor all over the world. With its unique compression mechanism using water instead of oil, Mitsui Seiki offers clean air, highly efficient air compressor contributing to both customer cost-saving and environment protection.

Our Mission

Leading Air Compressor

Our Mission is to be the leading air compressor supplier and maintenance services provider in town to meet and exceed customers’ expectations and satisfaction.

We believe in building a good relationship with our valued clients so that their future facilities will be of the highest maintenance standard enabling a more efficient production to achieve better profits.

Our Vision

Responsible, Respectable and Reputable

Our Vision is to become a responsible, respectable and reputable supplier and maintenance service provider.

We believe in building a track record that will speak for itself. As a responsible engineering and environmental fraternity, social reciprocation on welfare and obligation would be articulated.

Our Recognition and Awards

Adapts from the best

The soul behind this business is Mr. Tan Soon Tiong, the incumbent Marketing Manager, who once worked with fortune 500 Service Master Global Holdings. In Dynaair, the fruits of the business are far more important than protocols. Besides ensuring that the company supplies complete energy-efficient compressor solutions to industrial clients, they also welcome employees who may not be highly educated, provided that they are willing to learn and have the right attitude.

Cleaning up the old mess

At present, Dynaair is the most outstanding distributor for the world famous  Mitsui Seiki oil free and oil flooded air compressor and centrifugal oil-free air compressor. Furthermore, Dynaair has also started to offer rental services to companies who only requires air compressors for sudden short-term productions. In fact, Dynaair has expanded so quickly that they now offer routine preventive maintenance to their clients, which a lot of companies do not provide.

Innovation, Trusted and Leading Malaysia Air Compressor Technology

We offer a wide lineup of products to suit all types of needs of our clients.