Our Services

Quality Compressor

In addition to supplying quality compressors and its auxiliary services, Dynaair has a program to address the rising maintenance costs of compressors while the owner can continue to improve the overall performance of their production and business by leaving the non-core activities to us.

Professional Consultant

Dynaair aims to keep customers’ equipment running smoothly. In solving cost issues, we emphasize on supplying quality compressor product and preventive maintenance to minimize financial risk arising out of unexpected cost. We are capable of finding a faster and better solution to your troubled equipment or new plant setup. We are able to provide an asset management program that will not only save cost and increase asset lifespan but also enable you to project the cost of maintenance for your budgeting exercise. Hence, we become your professional consultant to maximize financial stability through cost saving and management expertise.

Our Main Service

Airflow, pressure & dew point
monitoring & verification
Energy Saving Program
for Air Compressor
CDA system appraisal prior
to your decision-making

Our Value Added Services

No matter which sector you may be in, Dynaair is your best choice for energy-efficient compressor solutions. Call us today if you need sales and services for:



  • Air compressors
  • Air dryers
  • Air receiver tanks
  • Microfilters
  • Auto drains
  • Design and installation of pipelines

Sales, service & spare parts

Sales, service & spare parts of quality compressors and parts, user technical training programs

Repair and Overhaul

Complete repair and overhaul

Rental of compressors

Rental of compressors for contingency support

Maintenance Services

Planned preventive maintenance services

CDA system & Pipelines

Design and installation of CDA system & pipelines

Supply & Install Air Receiver Tank

JKKP application / Annual servicing

Mechanical & Electrical Works

Fire System Maintenance and Services, electrical control panel and wiring works, Equipment hook-up and etc.

Micro filters, Dryers

Refrigerant / Desiccant, Auto-drain, Water & Oil Separator for Oil Flooded Compressor.


  1. Air Compressors – Oil Flooded/Oil Free
  2. Air Receiver Tank
  3. Air Dryers
  4. Generators
  5. Generator Load Bank

Mechanical & Electrical Works (M&E)

  1. Pipeline design & build for:
    • Chill water
    • Compressed Dry Air (CDA)
    • Process Cooling Water
    • Vacuum Systems
    • Steam / Boiler Systems
    • Cooling Water
  2. New equipment hook-up
  3. Electrical Systems
  4. Control Panel design & installation
  5. CCTV / Security Surveillance Systems
  6. Cooling Tower service/repair/design & install

Fire Fighting

  1. Design & Consultation for Fire Safety
  2. Installation of Fire Protection System
  3. VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) & HSSD (High Sensitivity Smoke Detection) system design & installation
  4. Safety audit & BOMBA liaison
  5. Smoke control & ventilation system installation

Water Systems

  1. Pure Water including DI/RO water systems design & build
  2. Waste Water Treatment Plant design & build
  3. DOE submissions

Clean Air Solutions

  1. Scrubber Systems
  2. Industrial Dust Collectors
  3. Clean Air Solutions – Chimney testing, etc.
  4. DOE submissions

Tooling & Fabrication

  1. Precision Machining Parts
  2. Jig & Fixtures
  3. Punches & Dies
  4. Automation & Sub Module
  5. Production Machining & Assembly

Vision Inspection


  1. Fully automated. High-speed inspection & sorting.
  2. We specialize in the design & development of Automated Vision Inspection Solutions, especially for Smartphone, Automotive Products, Molding Products, LED, Semiconductor & Electronics industry.
  3. Standalone, Semi-Auto options or Fully Auto with In-Line Integration and SMEMA communication
  4. Ready inspection capabilities for smartphone glass panel – with/without prints, car glass fascia touch screen, LED & phone lens in a tray, cover glass & molding parts
  5. Cost Reduction by Optimized Productivity, Improved Yield & Increased Output Quality

Innovation, Trusted and Leading Malaysia Air Compressor Technology

We offer a wide lineup of products to suit all types of needs of our clients.